The risk of using old software

At dinner a friend of mine asked me if I see any problem using Adobe Photoshop CS4 on her new PC. She would like to use it because it is much simpler than the later versions. I just checked the NVD (National Vulnerability Database) to see if there are vulnerabilites and yes, there are 4 of them in CS4. E.g. it would be possible to send her a TIFF, ASL, ABR or GRD file which can execute arbitrary code on her Laptop. To be honest I don't think that someone would try to do that to her but it's more likely that someone is trying to attack a large organization. That is why it is so important for organizations to gain visibility of their entire IT estate. Snow Risk Monitor is connected to the NVD and provides that visibility. Please read on in the article by my colleagues at Snow:

This article was first published on linkedin in 2020: